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HIGHLINE RE-DESIGN | Designing The High Line - New York City. Competition. March 2003.

Hiding above New York City's Mid-town West Side lie nearly 2 miles of abandoned raised railroad tracks. Exquisitely constructed of old steel truss, the Highline holds great possibilities for development as a community space.

Design Team: Bribach/Strauss. Our proposal: To start a sustainable, evolving community that responds to changing needs and continues to create itself.

Acting as a community garden and conservatory, the living structures would be made from a flexible framework of live giant timber bamboo sheathed with a multi-layered durable biopolymer membrane with insulating, intelligent, and self-regenerating properties.

Rows of this extremely resilient, fast-growing bamboo (which grows to 50’) will be planted along the periphery of the existing Highline elevated structure. As they grow, their shape may be moulded to create unique architectural ‘enclosures’ which allow for spatial adaptation and modification over time.

©2009 CHRIS BRIBACH architectural design