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BIO BALL | Installation. Art In The Park group show. Key West, Florida, USA. Feb 2001.


Three days of trial unveil a delicate and tenuious steel construcion. Using steel electrical conduit pipes, my team and I completed the erection of a 20' diameter sphere with 7 structural rings self supporting. The final success of the installation displays a bouncy lightweight whimsy of form. I was using the alias of 'Architeture Of Noise' for my works at this time (as seen credited in the videos). Bio Ball was Installed for Key West Art In The Park month long outdoor sculpture show in April 2001.

Bio Ball is constructed of 3/4" metal conduit bent to a 20 foot diameter. Seven of these rings are randomly linked to create giant flexible ball frame. The minimalized structural design springs tension forces against gravity to delicately suspend it's own weight. Sitting outside for one month for the show, the sculpture would bounce wiggle and dance for it's onlookers.

During the erection of Bio Ball great friends of mine from Key West volunteered to assist. After two failed attempts, the third morning resulted in a dazzling and delicate tensile structure. A modern dancer, pictured here, placated movements along with the springy structure.



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